Outfitting Apartment Kitchens

Most apartments have kitchens, and unlike townhouse kitchens, apartment kitchens may be a little smaller than you’d like. Sorry to burst your dreams of an island, ample granite countertops, and cabinets for days. Since space is at a premium, your apartment kitchen should be efficient, meaning it has everything you need to make your kitchen run smoothly and nothing you don’t. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for organizing a small kitchen.

1.     Identify your least used kitchen appliances and find them a home outside the kitchen. Crock pots and juicers are great for those few times a year they are brought out, but have low priority with limited cabinet space. Perhaps there is extra space on the top shelf of your linen closet.

2.     If your pantry is teeny tiny, or non-existent, try using the refrigerator as a make-shift dry storage space. Chances are, your perishable items are at a lower count than your dry goods, so why waste the space? You’ll soon become accustomed to cold crackers.

3.     Utilize your wall space by adding shelves and hooks for storing dry goods, spices, and pots. It not only saves space, but can be the perfect solution to a lack of artwork! If you’re fortunate to have a window in your kitchen, make sure you are using that windowsill space to be decorative and useful at the same time.

4.     Why wouldn’t you put smaller items inside larger ones? Kitchens are full of containers and pots that are perfect homes for smaller items like measuring spoons, pot holders, and other infrequently used cooking tools.

5.     Invest in an inexpensive wire basket holder to hang from the ceiling. These are easy to install using a simple hook, and are a great resource. Some are tiered and can house many of your light food items like fruit, chips, and candy. It’s a decorative and practical solution for apartment kitchen living.

Appliances that Serve Multiple Purposes

Having appliances that serve double duty is a good idea if you want to save space in small apartment kitchens. Here are some great inexpensive appliances that serve multiple purposes:

Toaster Oven:

Some apartments, especially studios, don’t always come with an oven. Toaster ovens can definitely hold you over for a while, and will cause you to become very creative with meals. With a good toaster oven, you can not only make toast, you can also make small meals, grilled cheese sandwiches, or hot dogs (with toasted buns) and reheat food without getting that “soggy” texture you get from the microwave. Plus, most toaster ovens really don’t take up that much space.


Whole meals can be made in a microwave. They even have cook books with recipes cooked completely in a microwave. If you live in a small studio with only a partial kitchen, this can be a lifesaver.

Food Processor/Blender:

With a handy food processor/blender combo, you can chop vegetables, make smoothies, mix drinks, and blend sauces. This is another device that doesn’t take up a lot of space and can really add a lot of versatility to your kitchen.

What tricks have worked for you in getting the most out of limited kitchen space?


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