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If you’re moving into your own premises, you just have yourself to blame if things go wrong and it would be simple since you just have to answer it! It is a different story though when moving with friends and choosing a rental together. So the following are an opportunity to communicate first and make sure that your new place together is the best experience you have had.

  • Work out where you all want to live – earning one individual compromise is a bad start, so make sure everyone is pleased with the location, taking into consideration things such as travelling time to operate, friends, family and local transport
  • What size and style house do you need?
  • How many people in the home?
  • Whose names will appear on the rental?
  • How much can each of you afford in rent each week?
  • What are the practicalities of each person’s living habits? E.g. A shift worker who wants to party whilst others sleep and vice versa! Or more seriously those that are looking to study whilst others don’t.
  • Are there sufficient facilities for everybody? E.g. bathrooms, car parking
  • Who gets the big room?
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