When It’s time to pack up for your next residence. Here’s a helpful list of items to pack last and keep handy…they’re the things you’ll need to get to first and frequently.

  1. Extension cords and power adapters – essential for computers, kitchen appliances, entertainment units and lamps. Power outlets might not be where you would like them to be.
  2. Tools. For all the little set-up jobs like hammers and screwdrivers, nails and screws, tape and especially a box cutter or knife as it’s the first thing you need. A tape measure is handy for all your design and setup.
  3. A bottle opener, glasses and plates. Packing is thirsty work, take bottles with you.
  4. Address book or PDA. Keep those important telephone numbers handy.
  5. Mobile phone charger – your phone may not be on yet.
  6. Sufficient cash. It beats running short of cash for all those little things and finding ATM’s.
  7. All your personal details, you don’t want to lose these – such as driver’s license, passport, bank account details, wills, investment certificates etc. You will need ID verification when establishing new accounts and services in your new area (eg. utilities services) and take a copy of your lease also.
  8. Cleaning materials. Rubbish bags and detergents, it’s easier to clean somewhere new before you unpack. Paper towels are really handy-accidents do happen. Cleaning and work gloves are good too.
  9. Light bulbs, Torch and Alarm Clock- it may be dark when you finally move in and because of all your hard moving work, you will probably need some help waking up the next day!
  10. Toiletries, towels, pillows, blankets and first aid kit
  11. Pet Supplies – if you have pets they will be hungry too, and if you have a cat, a litter box for indoors
  12. Toys to keep the kids amused – as excited as they will be, keeping them occupied will be one less thing to worry about.

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