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Make up to N150,000-250,000 monthly signup as an affiliate.
MAKE N150,000 to N250,000 per month helping property owners do more business on When signing up fill the website slot with your Google plus, facebook or twitter handle.
We are looking for affiliates and partners across Nigeria to contact Estate agents and property managers to post and place property ads on
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You can work part time or full time. BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Once you sign up we will support you with powerful marketing resource on demand. Take advantage of the growing Internet business awareness in Nigeria by helping property owners in your area do more business online.
Contact property owners in your list or that you know.
Call them on phone and send them your affiliate link, and introduce to their email,facebook or twitter and google plus once the sign up you will get in your account N2,000, once the list property on our site and pay we will credit your account with another N5,000. The more people you contact the more money you make.

No experience required,
Just send them email with your link in it, on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Google plus ,yahoo or Gmail, .

PAY STRUCTURE – We have one payment structure (affiliate commission paid via bank transfer once you hit N100,000 threshold).
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Sign up now you can use our specimen letter: copy it change our with your affiliate link that’s all,post in your Facebook, twitter, email accounts. We have different specimen of composed mail on demand.
This is my own link specimen: Parameter: ?affiliates=3
This is the shortened specimen:

please do not spam if you do we will close your account.

Still need assistance contact us by email or call 08027168883.

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