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Rent.com.ng was first launched on Nov.2010. Days are gone when people where looking for houses to rent or apartments to rent physically. With the successful lunch of property to let websites like rent.com.ng, the internet is now the modern primary way people search accommodation to rent in Nigeria and across the world.

Average: Global Monthly Searches 37,200,000.

Rent.com.ng will give your property the needed exposure.

In 2010, Rent.com.ng launched as Nigeria’s newest and freshest website offering renters an alternative to the physical search to digital online search when looking for rental accommodation and flat shares. We  aim to be the top renting website in the top  areas of the Nigerian to let market: Abuja, Anambra,Enugu,Akwa Ibom,Adamawa,Abia,Bauchi,Bayelsa,Benue,Borno,Cross River,



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